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So here we are, almost in March 2021, still in ‘lockdown’ with all the inherent problems that brings, glaring at a fast approaching Easter. I think we all realise that it’s been a year since all this started.

It is easy to become both sad and depressed in these challenging times - positivity has never been more important as an aid to mental health. Even in this lovely little business things have been challenging to say the least. I really love my job but there have been times, with so few orders coming in, that I have thought “what is the point”. We haven’t done a ‘BBB’ market for over a year now (16th Feb was last one). Just when things began to ‘perk up’ in the Summer and interest in our web shop was starting to grow again, Crash - another lockdown. Obviously, it’s not just me here in sleepy Carhampton, West Somerset that is being affected…. It’s Nationwide and more.

As a result of all of this, to keep positive, I have been concentrating on designing new lines, making slight alterations to existing patterns whilst my ‘other half’ has been working on updating the web shop. A “Brides” page is in the design process with a range of Brides Corsets and matching Lingerie are underway.

Also my range of Maids Dresses has expanded considerably, including a customers choice of fabric and lace trim colours– have a look at the exciting new designs in the web shop

Stockings have a very strong reputation for being incredibly sensual and perfect for the boudoir. But that really isn't giving them the credit they deserve. Stockings are inevitably one of the first things that we consider when preparing any outfit that could be considered 'sensual' for a night out, or even a night in. But in reality, many women wear them for so much more than this.

In my experience, here are just some of the reasons my Customers wear Stockings (needing a Suspender Belt) or ‘Hold Ups’ (where no belt is required) - or at least, reasons they have told me over the years:

1. That ‘Special Look’ - No other piece of lingerie has had such an effect on the opposite sex (or even the same sex) for such a long period of time. There is no denying the alluring effect of stockings and suspenders.

2. That ‘Special Feeling’ - whenever I speak to customers on the phone, I hear time after time that stockings give them confidence. When you know you are dressed in your finest attire, it is easy to feel good about yourself. We all have off days, especially at the moment with the COVID pandemic and while stockings won't cure those times, anything that lifts our spirits should be welcomed.

3. Hygienic - it goes without saying that having a breathable form of hosiery means things don't get quite so hot. In some areas, cooler really is better.

4. Cost - stockings can be seen as far more economical than tights, in that if you snag or ladder one leg, then you don't have to throw away both legs. For long term stockings wearers, this saving mounts up.

6. ‘Vintage look’ - with everything in the fashion world going around and around, we have a number of customers who like the ‘vintage look’ that seamed stockings in particular give them.

7. Eye-catching - whilst also applicable to hold ups and tights, if you never wear hosiery, then you may be surprised how good your legs can look when wearing stockings. You can really be specific on the look you want to achieve - from invisible but smooth, to shiny and seamed - and even fishnet and opaques.

8. Waist Control - the suspender belt required to hold up your stockings has a wonderful side effect in that it assists with body shaping. The belt sits on your waist, and if your chosen one is of a good depth, then you get instant tummy flattening. Corsets, Basques, Bodies and Wide Suspender Belts all with straps to hold stockings perfectly in place help with this also.

9. Fashion - stockings have recently been making a strong revival around the world and manufacturers have been creating some stunning eye-catching designs ranging from polka dots, through to eye catching Italian designs.

11. Brides - weddings are certainly one of the most popular special occasions for wearing stockings. The tradition of the bride wearing them also extends to the guests.

12. Dressing up - When we go out, or spend some time with a loved one, getting ‘dressed up’ in your stockings and the sexiest lingerie is a very special feeling. Most of us enjoy the feeling of wearing our finest shoes or dress, and that also extends to the stockings we wear.

Stockings won’t save the world from COVID, or cure you of all your day to day problems, but they can bring a smile to your face and make you feel a couple of inches taller, just when you need it.

Terri x

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