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Spring/Summer, COVID 19 & Christmas!

Well, if someone had said back in 2015, 'What do you think you will be doing 5 years from now?'... not many (if any) could have predicted this mess. Businesses going bust, as in Big Businesses.... 'Lockdowns', 'Shielded Persons', even (in the early stages of the pandemic) 'Food Rationing'. The worlds gone mad! But Heh Ho...life carries on - it has to. And the majority of folk carry on with a smile on their face, even if at times it resembles more of a grimace...lol

Here at Terri's Corsets & Lingerie we have tried to stay positive, abide by all the rules and advice but ity has not been easy. Our beloved 'BBB' Fetish Market in Birmingham came to a halt suddenly in March. We were loading up our transport on the Saturday evening ready for our normal early (5:30am) start up to Birmingham when we got the call cancelling the Market - and it has not resumed as yet. Hopefully it will...perhaps November? - we hope so, if not before.

Our trade has therefore been greatly effected by COVID, with a marked decrease in sales over the internet also, although things are just starting to pick up again. We have spent time on new designs and new products and these will be rolled out on the web shop over the next few weeks.

OMG...how many weeks to Christmas...19....and how swiftly will they fly by! If you want to discuss Xmas gifts that may take a little time to put together, best you think about contacting me so we can sort things out.

Finally, I hope all of our friends and customers are bearing up through these dark times. If we can be of any help ordering items or want to discuss clothing, please get in contact or call for a chat.

Keep safe,

Terri x

(and Ray)

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