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Onwards and Upwards!

Am I imagining it or are things starting to calm down as far as COVID-19 is concerned?

I hope so, we all hope so…. Perhaps here at Terri’s Corsets and Lingerie we can then start to get things back to normal. We have started to get a few more enquiries/orders over the last couple of weeks so hopefully it’s a case of onwards and upwards.

Whilst we have been in lockdown, our efforts have been put into designing and making new Lingerie. A popular one has been the 24 attachment High Waisted Suspender Belt… not even a pic on the website yet and have sold one! It’s beautiful, really beautiful

So why not have a look at the website – which will be changing a little over the next couple of weeks. You only have to look at the weather to see that the weather is changing and Autumn is on it’s merry way, then Halloween….and then yep…Xmas!

Lots to do and make!

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Terri x


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